sábado, 14 de novembro de 2009

07th Nov: North/ South

Yesterday night it took me a bit longer than I thought to finish (re)packing and taking a shower, but at least in the morning everything went smoothly. I went to the train station, caught a ticket checker in the train :P, manage to take all my luggage without paying for the [5 kg] extra weight and buy more Norwegian chocolate bears in the duty free :)

The flight to Palma de Mallorca was ok, though a bit bumpy at the arrival – lots of clouds, you know. When I got there I swear I was starting to feel like I was melting!!! Went again to the bathroom, loose some of the clothes I had and I manage to wait a bit better. Then flight back to Lisbon, in a strange felling of just moving from one place to another, but not really the “I’m going back home! :D” feeling I sometimes had in the past. After all, the whole trip was me moving from one [temporary] home back to another. But it felt good to recognise the landscape when we were getting near to Lisbon :)

The weather here was not as warm as in Palma and it was a bit cloudy. My mum was waiting for me at the airport! Wow, don’t really remember the last time that had happened lol Anyway, back home, unpacking, telling some stories, doing laundry, getting strengths back, EATING FISH AND FRUIT :D, .... By the time I was done with everything, it was time to leave. The night still had a surprise to be kept – and after all that had been the reason for me to get here so soon [to break a bad habit of more than 3 years now] :P So there I went, driving again after more than 2 months...

06th Nov: 1 (last) day, 2 countries :)

The day started with me waking up with Gwen packing... and then falling asleep again. And waking up again with Xavier packing and leaving :P I decided to get up, got dressed, had breakfast and left for Malmö.
When I got to the train station I went to the wrong track and only noticed when the train was coming – so I rushed up and down the stairs to get to the right track on time. But it was the previous train! :P So I still had to wait for my train :)

Malmö is a nice small city, with *a lot* of parks. I started my trip going West [and now I remember Annie Fox’s “Into the West” song :P] to the castle side, just to find out I was about 1h too early :P It only opened at noon, so I didn’t manage to see the Nelson Mandela exposition :( I went to see the gardens around instead and bought lunch – a kebab – nearby :) Then I went to the “posh square” [Davidshallstorg], to another park [Pildamms] and the multicultural, alternative square [Möllevångstorget]. You can easily get when you’re getting near cuz all restaurants and supermarkets turn into non-Nordic stuff [Arab, Polish, American, Italian, ...] and you can also smell it too :) Time was passing by, so I head back to the train station passing by St Johannes church, Gustav Adof’s Torg, a stop at a shop, Lilla Torg [The Little Square], Stortorget [The Big Square] and St Petri church.

There was a train leaving at 14h59, so I took it, but I got on-board in the 1st class wagon. I didn’t know which way it was to the 2nd class and the advice I got from the passengers there was just to take an empty seat somewhere there and just enjoy the ride – which I did :) There was a Check man next to me and we started by talking about Cph, but went to Prague and finally a “long” [as long as the small trip could provide] conversation about what to see in Portugal and the best time to enjoy it, since he wants to go there for some time now :) I recommended September, with Lisbon, Sintra, Costa Vicentina and Porto & Douro – with vindimas included.

When I go to Cph I went looking for a Post office, which was not that easy, but I managed to send my last postcards. Then I went to MacDonald’s to have a MacFlurry [a crime, I know, but it was cheap and I wanted an ice-cream] and then just strolling around the city while I was trying to reach Ruben. When I was about to give up and go home, he called me and we met later. It was the first time I went to Baresso Café :P and we had a very nice talk :)

Afterwards I headed home and got into the computer. I heard the door open and I was thinking “Wtf?!” – the door can be open from the outside – since I was supposed to be the only person here... but it ended up being Gwen, who had an airport adventure and was back in Cph instead of Iasi.

The night ended with me trying to book a flight to Madeira in February, getting a flight later than I should cuz I have a concert in that day and trying to fix everything! :P And, of course, unpacking and repacking again, hopping to fit everything into the number of allowed bags :P Wish me luck for tomorrow!

sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

05th Nov: A day in Cph... and many train & metro rides :P

First day of the post-Århus time. No, I’m not being emotional, it’s just that this time here almost doesn’t feel like it’s part of the time before. It’s really like doing tourism in a normal “crash-at-a-BESTie” way (ensures a good talk, free sleeping place and usually remembering some old times).

The morning started quite early, with Ruben calling me. I don’t really remember much, except turning off the sound of the mobile and continue to sleep :P I finally got up after 10 am and took a shower :) Radu was leaving around lunch time but he was still going to the city to see the Round Tower (Randutaarn) and so I went with him (first metro ride of the day :P).

The tower is peculiar because in most of the way up… you walk :) Really, there are no stairs, it’s a continuous ramp, with only 2/ 3 levels connected with stairs really in the top. It was nice and it was also my first view of Cph – from above. On the way back to the metro I stopped at a store to buy a chocolate croissant and a chocolate milk [yeah, I’d would have gotten smth less sweet if I had more to choose from :P), aka I had breakfast. Since we left right after I took the shower, I had no time to eat anything at home.

Anyway, second ride in the metro to get home and we were back home. The initial plans were for Xavier to go with Radu to the airport, but he stayed home to prepare lunch and I went instead – two more rides (return also counts :P), this time in the train. Back at home, pasta for lunch :) Xavier was initially going with me to the town again, but as he still had some arrangements to do, I went alone after lunch by metro :P

As Ivo had told me he had to use 2 days to close his account, I went straight to DSB to buy the Cph – Malmö return ticket [I’m going there tomorrow, though I’m only meeting Pantoja in Lisbon cuz he’s leaving at 7am from Malmö :P] and then to Danske Bank. I actually had no problems, the lady gave me all the money I had left [not much :P] and said the account would be automatically closed tomorrow, when the train ticket payment would be processes – so yes, the only money left was the train ticket one.

By the time I left the bank sun had already set and the light was diminishing :P [and it was before 5 pm]. I went looking for a post office to get some stamps for the last postcards, but no luck :P I did manage to find some interesting souvenirs, so I got to know the whole shopping street lol I also went to Tivoli Gardens’ area, saw the outside of many buildings and ended up arranging drinks/ dinner for tomorrow with Ruben – a classmate I haven’t seen for 2 years :) Before going home I decided to walk from the Central train station – which is not that central, Nørreport is much better – to the cafés and boats channel, called Nyhavn [= new harbour].

After all that walk I finally went home by metro (again…). Gwen was already home and I spent the rest of the evening there. Also brushed up my French watching “Les Inconnus” in YouTube :)

Final remark: during the morning and early afternoon it wasn’t raining, but I (re)started while I was walking in the chopping street and continued till I got home [and then I don’t know, and I didn’t care :P].


04th Nov: The End


These are my last minutes in Århus, while I’m in the train to Copenhagen. Of course my last train ride couldn’t be normal – there’s already a delay of 7 minutes and there was a warning smth was else was going on lol I’m truly glad I have enough time to reach Cph and that the ride to the airport on Saturday is going to be much shorter :) [and with more options]. Ups, and now the train has left, so I’ll see my last images of the city that welcomed care of me for 2 months.

Ok, back to writing :) As I said, I spend the night washing the bathroom – smth like 1,5h rubbing tiles and all the bathrooms spaces. I decided to get some sleep around 4 am and put my alarm clock for 7.15 am, but I was so nervous about the cleaning and so tired, that my sleep was very light... and that meant that I woke up many times with the wind and, at times, with the alarms (of the cars?) going off. When the alarm rang I got up and started to clean the room again – took the big luggage downstairs and cleaned the dust, washed the window, vacuumed the floor. After all this it was already 9.15 and I finished dressing [I changed the upper part] and finished packing all the little things. By 9.40 all my stuff was downstairs and I had passed the “moist cloth” in the bathroom again to really leave it shinny and clean :) Inês came by and gave me the laundry card “envelope” and I gave her the last bag in exchange. I took the paper to recycle and the garbage too and by 9.50 I was all ready, with the room locked.

I had breakfast and took the computer out and was waiting for the inspection in the living room. He got there around 11.15 and I mentally crossed my fingers ;) All and all, it went well – he asked me to vacuum the mattress, clean the lower part of the bed and the lamp [so I didn’t have to pay for those cleanings] and the only thing that I have to pay for is the cleaning of the kitchen cupboard and the bathroom floor. Well... I actually scrubbed the whole floor, but since he didn’t say anything about the table and didn’t charge me to clean the curtains [which he tore :P], I was ok with that.

Went back downstairs and was chatting with Alex for about 1h, including a trip t the shop to get some liquids for the train trip. And I realised.... IT WAS SNOWING! :D I was soooooo happy! Ok, it was the kind of snow that melts as soon as it hits a surface, but still, snow :) Back home I made lunch and left for the bus. I met Joana on the bus station, so we were also chatting on the way to the city centre. Finally got to the train station, bought the ticket [with reservation – a *very* good move, since the whole train is packed and moving around with the bags would not have been nice.

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the train trip. In other words, time to finally see “Angels & Demons” :P See you later!


Well, I’ve heard a lot of people saying the book is a nice to read for the fans of the type and, adding to that the critics that the film is nowhere close to the book, I can only imagine the book must really make the reader eager to read and read with all the twists going on. As for the film, it’s pretty ok for a train ride - not sure I’d recommended it, but in the absence of other options... :P


And before I closed the computer, there was still (plenty) of time for “Le Maison en Cubes” – very nice to see and only 12 minutes. And after the computer was closed there was even time for a short nap :P

Got to Ørestad and met Xavier and Radu, a Moldavian who had been doing a project in Grenoble and was now in Cph visiting the city [and Malmö too – they had just arrived from there]. We all went home and the rest of the evening was spent there, with some cider, Danish snaps and a Grenoble drink, along with two salmon toasts :) And then I finally went to sleep.

quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

03rd Nov: wind, rain, Aros, social benches... packing, goodbyes... and no cleaning (yet!)

This is probably the last post written from my room :( It’s 2.00am and I’m running out of excuses to start the deep cleaning of the bathroom, so afterwards I already know what to do :P

This morning I decided to start the packing process – it was strange to take everything from their places and (try to) put it in the bags. Taking the Portuguese flag of the wall was the strangest, cuz that was one of the first things I put when I got here. Now there is only a white wall...

After packing and breakfast, I went to the city. Finally went to Frederiks Allé to take a photo of the paintings there and then headed to Aros, the art museum. It had some pretty cool expositions there and I was happy I went there before leaving :) Afterwards I had a lunch with Michael, but by the time I left the museum it was windy and rainy :s not the best weather, but the lunch was great :) After the lunch I went in my quest for the last social benches I was missing – and number 4 is still missing in action! :P The rain and the wind made me give up about seeing a little bit more of the city and I just went to the supermarket to get the stuff to clean the room.

Got home and I restarted my cleanings. Inês came by at a certain point and then when she left, I decided upon a plan: take a shower, clean the bathroom, clean the rest of the room. Well, I had a Skype meeting before the shower. My parents called right after the shower. Runa came by just after I got dressed. And then I went to Inês to give her the stuff I had left from here. Did you notice how the bathroom was never cleaned in all this time :P After I went to Inês’s I also went to Laura’s to say goodbye, only to discover in 10 minutes there would be a birthday cake and I was invited to stay :) It was a nice way to finish my stay here ;) Around a quarter to one I came back to the room and decided to clean all the papers still around – so my desk, shelf and table look normal. Well... almost :s I found out my table is broken, must have been from a bag hitting it without me noticing. That’s gonna be expensive tomorrow :s :s :s

Now that the desk is cleaned, the post is written and uploaded, it’s time to finally face the bathroom. And then wake up early in the morning to clean the windows, vacuum and take care of the dust.

Hej hej

terça-feira, 3 de novembro de 2009

02nd Nov: sleeping, laptop, goodbyes... and no packing :P

First non-working Monday of the month :D and trying to sleep a little bit longer... still, have in mind that I keep the tendency to wake up with the sunrise.

Anyway, got up a bit late, found out my bank was taking money from me, tried to fix things and replied e-mails. And wrote a lot of posts! :P Eventually I managed to finish all this and took a shower and went downstairs for breakfast... around 1.30 pm!! :D How, that felt so un-Danish :P

In the afternoon I had a “Danish hot dog” (following Morten’s indications) on the way to meet Inês and Diogo. Goodbye time in two places: Café Gemmestedet and Fair Bar. Great spots! I’m sorry didn’t try them sooner :( Anyway, it also included a quest for another social bench, which we didn’t find :/

The afternoon ended with a sprint to the bus stop to catch it, giving the pumpkin and spinaches to Inês and making dinner – yeap, pasta :P Then back up to the room and a lot more laptop (mails, posts, chats). And no packing XD Well, tomorrow will be an interesting day with a lot to happen eheh


segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

31st Oct, 1st Nov: The First & the Last

Ending one month, starting another. First weekend after the internship is over, last weekend in Denmark. First visit to Aalborg, last trip to visit a new city.
First official training sessions delivered by me! First time trying Xmas beer ;) First time (in a few days) sleeping the whole night and not waking up with the sunrise. First time (in a looooong time) ice skating again. First time writing this from a train :P

After this introduction, I must say I truly loved this weekend – even including the little sleep on Friday night, the getting up early on Saturday to catch the bus to the city centre, miss the train for a couples of minutes and then wait 45 minutes for the next :P

There were not many people in the training, but it was still cool – for the first official time, I liked it a lot and I do think it helped them too :) After a day talking, my throat was a bit soar, but half light and candle light dinner with great company and wine (and homemade lasagne) made me forget about it. Oh… yeah… cannot forget Toms turtles in the end :D

Saturday night was Halloween night, but I was soooo tired that I just wanted to get some sleep and that’s what we did. It felt great to sleep a whole night through and not wake up with the sun rise ;) Morten and Maria are great hosts – Sunday started with an amazing [Danish] breakfast and then off to the uni again to talk about LECs [and how Dennis was late :P]. After “work” we said goodbye to Lars and to XXX on the way to see the city: Aalborg is not so big, but was nice to walk around and know the “bar street”, even if only by day – well, with the leftovers from the night before and remembering Bairro Alto in the crewed nights, I could get a feeling of the place by night ;) – and included getting some fruit covered with chocolate and nuts with strawberry-flavoured glacé cover or smth like that, traditional in Xmas time around here. After the city tour we headed home, were we had tea and ate the nuts and then… WE WENT ICE SKATING!!! :D I was sooooooooo happy eheh Amazingly (or not, considering I never surfed as an example), Morten had never done it before, so it was a great experienced to the three of us :) I felt down once – guess it’s my destiny :P – but it wasn’t my fault! A guy came across me and lost his balance and grabbed my arm, of course the result was that he managed to stay up but I lost my balance and went with my knee and hand to the ice :P

After the ice skating time we went to get my stuff and their home and we went to the train station. Of course the train adventures continue and this time was no different – the 20.59 train was cancelled due to bad weather and the 21.15 train was delayed 30-35 minutes because there were too many leafs in the train track…. Well, no problem in waiting a bit as long as we get there safe and sound :)

PS – I guess getting train adventures is becoming normal :P The train was supposed to take ~1h30, but in the end it took double the time because of the weather and the leafs in the tracks... at a certain point I was really starting to worry because of the buses, but I managed to reach the bus station 5 minutes before the last one came... Then, finally home!!